NHS Pensioners Private Health

A large number of Senior Citizens are suffering while waiting long periods for Operations on the NHS.

I would like to suggest an idea that could vastly improve the situation.

A NHS Pensioners Private Health Care

Which meant, when you required an operation you would have one done promptly

I would propose a sum of money is deducted from their Pensions each Month.

Not a large amount. Ten to Twenty Pounds.

They would have to sign up to time period

My Wife has been waiting Months for a Hip Replacement, which has prompted me to propose this.

To     have it done promptly and Private, it would cost £13,000.00.

We could afford to use our savings and have it done promptly by the same Surgeons that are doing it for the NHS.

We have paid our Taxes and Insurances for over 60 Years and consider it completely out of order to pay for this.


Why the contribution is important

If my idea was approved and acted on.

This would drasticly reduce the waiting times for all Citizens  and the suffering.

Overall long term, it should save the NHS a lot of money.


by PeterSusie on August 14, 2019 at 05:15PM

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  • Posted by vivbin October 01, 2019 at 11:36

    Very good idea. I have recently waited some time for a hip replacement. I cut down some time by seeing a rheumatologist and a surgeon privately, then transferred over to the NHS to have the op carried out by the same surgeon. He was happy to do this.
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