Encourage fun activities not just competitive ones

People are sometimes put off if they are expected to compete when all they want to do is have fun. 

Why the contribution is important

Laughter is the best medicine and sharing activities rather than competing in them less treatening

by Marsom on August 06, 2019 at 09:19AM

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  • Posted by janetdavies September 10, 2019 at 15:51

    As a volunteer for several local charities I can see the benefits that group meetings bring as we get older. One of the charities I volunteer at is Phobbies (Kings Lynn) We meet every Monday at Providence Street in Kings Lynn but like a lot of other local organisations we are in danger of closing only through a lack of Members. We providel the materials for any hobby they wish to try, painting, woodworking, all forms of sewing,knitting or crochet, card or board games
    We hear so much in the media about how the elderly or disabled are lonely and isolated yet here we are crying out to help and we get absolutely no help or feedback from the NHS. We are registered with all the local health authorities, we have advertised in the local press, used Facebook and sent leaflets to every local Doctors Surgery and Village Hall. One problem for the older generation can be transport and yet we have a contract with Community Transport that will pick up Members if they live within a ten mile radius of KL and that includes wheelchairs. Our fees are very modest which can be paid out of their Personal Budgets or if self funding we charge £16.00 for the day including the transport.
    During the Winter Months one of our volunteers cooks on the premises a two course lunch so that we know they have a good fresh hot meal not something heated in the microwave. We organise two outings a year Summer and Christmas all free of charge to the Members. For those that want to join in we have a gentle excercise session once a month by a registered instructor which is full of fun and laughter. We help sort out any problems brought to us by the Members, be it Doctors / Hospital or Optician appointments, wheelchair repairs, Pension Problems, Rent or Rates problems. We do also try and get Social Services involved when we see safeguarding problems, This is all done at the expense of the volnteers mobile phones as we do not have office facilities.

    It is all very well Health Authorities and Care Partnerships having plush web sites and advertising for ideas we need action in the communities, we know from experience the benefits our Members get from contact with other people, to chat and have fun in a relaxed atsmophere.
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