Litcham Health Centre

litcham health centre is the best. They have trained a team who go out and see housebound  people, assess whether they need a Gp visit, they take bloods, do blood pressure, pulse rate temperature, ECGs etc they save the GPS wasted visits. The surgery has a Councellor, Physiotherapist, runs regular eye checks for diabetic patients, They have an Asthma Nurse, Maternity Nurse, Patients who are considered frail have a questionnaire annually and blood tests. They never turn patients away in an emergency they see a nurse then if necessary a GP is called in. One of the GPS does early morning and late clinics for people who cannot get in at other times, his patients are triaged before he sees them, which means he can concentrate on their problems and see more patients no one is rushed. Their is a patient passport that is being trialed that gives access to their illness and medications etc this was invented by the Senior Partner. All the Staff are friendly and helpful, they have their own dispensary you can access the dispensary online, by telephone or by repeat prescriptions put into a box on the wall. The nice thing is you see a member of staff to book in, they have patient participating meeting. There are other things I have probably missed. Litcham Health Centre is a superior Surgery is a forward thinking practice where nothing is too much trouble, you are treated as human beings.

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Other surgeries could take a leaf out of their book.

by HED4 on August 13, 2019 at 10:05PM

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