Transparent Records

To have our medical records to be completely transparent to the patient. There is currently access to patient records via the online appointment and medication request website. But I think this should go much further. We can currently see and book appointments, see medication and request medication and see notes left by our gp onto the record, also test results are currently viewable. But this should also show hospital referrals (even tracking where they are at), showing referral letters sent and any correspondance back to the surgery, but patients should be able to see anything including all letters sent between doctors/consultants and other departments. This would make things easier as people can understand more about where they are with treatment, medication and how doctors are communicating with other healthcare professionals. With test results they should show everything including scans, x-rays etc.

Why the contribution is important

It keeps everyone on the same thinking line (GP - Patient- Hospital - Other agencies) which will mean less appointments because people know where things are at with their treatment, how long the wait is, any communication about them as patients, and they should eb able to see all communication between people about them. Transparent Records would make sure everyone was on the same page. This would minimise anxiety, depression and those who need to know where things are because of mental health conditions.

by PeterB on September 13, 2019 at 05:47PM

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