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I have Chronic Pancreatitis, brought on through Gallstones. I have since had my Gallbladder removed, but that is nothing compared to what I am left with. Everyone from doctors to nurses does not seem to know much about the pancreas. We have no specialists in Norfolk for the Pancreas.

I have to live day to day in pain, with little support or help, I have seen pain management who just want to reduce pain medication, thus increasing pain.

There are no help groups, no national charities and just very little information/advice or even support. So by setting up the five year plan, it would be great to have a support group, or some lectures for medical professionls on learning more about the condition and the daily care required.

Why the contribution is important

I feel that this is very important, as being diagnosed with a condition (that does not show on scans but confirmed through Endoscope Radiology (EUS), and having no information, no contact with others and the feeling that staff really do not know much about the condition or its long term effects. It is a very lonely disease when there seems to be no one else to have it.

by PeterB on September 13, 2019 at 05:34PM

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