Support fast assessments for Autistic Spectrum children who cannot get a school place

we should have individual Project  Officers. designated to a child and parents on the waiting list for NHS assessment for children on the Austistic Spectrum. During this time a child can have no school place for a year or two as a norm. Clever educationaly skilled children lose out on all education. Each project officer can have authority to steer through EHP plans, talk to schools and deal with the problem that without NHS diagnosis no school place can be offered. This is despite Psychologists reports, school reports etc. Even when aPrivate diagnosis is done a Project Officer can help push schools to definitely offer a place and then liase with county panel who make final decision. A Project Officer can hold the complex threads, possibly hasten the timings, and help get the education that children are legally entitled too. This would enhance the quality of a child’s and families life. Save money as endless NHS GP appointments for required letteres, support and advice would be saved. Endless administrative tasks handled by several agencies through parental constant contact would be saved. An accountant would see only the cost of a Project Officer. An Holistic seeing approach could account for savings from many agencies and possible get a child through a failing system quicker. 

Why the contribution is important

The proposal is important because children in Norfolk are in the situation of no NHS assessment, difficulties getting a strong educational plan, no support, and no one other than aGP to turn to. Social Services as I can see are only interested if a child is st risk. Families often need extreme understanding of a system, literacy, and professional skills to work through the system. Meanwhile they have a family in dust at with parents at risk of losing their jobs as a child may need constant supervision. Support, guidance, and an liaison officer working with a child and family to knowledgeably get them through the system would see essential to moving forward in this area. 

by ChristineC on August 06, 2019 at 11:59AM

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