ACE aware / Solihull Parenting approach

More widespread awareness of Adverse Childhood experiences (ACES) and the impact they have on children and young people.

Increase access to Solihull parenting to support parents in understanding their children and promote brain development

Other agencies/education staff working with children and young people to access Solihull training so that all agencies are promoting a common approach

Much of this can be offered digitally to make this accessible to all


Why the contribution is important

By prevention and reduction/minimising effects  of ACES then our Children and Young People will be in a better place to reach their potential and for their outcomes to be improved.

Consitent and Collaborative approach to working with children and young people and their families

Consistent messages given to parents by all involved with them

by SEArchibald on August 27, 2019 at 02:37PM

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