How can we make Norfolk and Waveney a healthier place to live?

Every day we make choices that affect our own health and wellbeing, and many of us spend time caring for other people too - our partners, children, parents and friends. 

As a result, we all have lots of experiences of caring for others, and being cared for. 

Your local NHS and care organisations are working together to plan for the future. We need you to turn all your experiences into good ideas about how we can improve the health and wellbeing of people living in Norfolk and Waveney. 

We know that our health and wellbeing is affected by our own choices, our communities and where we live, the services provided by local and national government, voluntary organisations, businesses and others, not just on the NHS. This is why we need your ideas about what all these organisations, and us as individuals, can to do differently to improve our health and wellbeing.

Your ideas might just save a life, so get involved and tell us what you want to see in our five year plan for health and care.